Forms of high printing

Forms of high printing

‘Dry offset’, ‘high offset’.

‘Dry offset’, ‘high offset’ or typo offset is one of the most widely spread ways of volumetric objects’ decoration, even those with the complex geometry of the surface and considerable instability of the material, furthermore at high speed. This printing technology uses a special inking mechanism, which like the offset one has a group of axles which guarantee the supply of paint for the printing forms, which in their turn transfer the picture first on the offset cylinder and then on the volumetric object.

‘Repro studio Dialogue’ produces the water-washed out plates of the BASF company for the ‘dry offset’ on a metal underlayer with the following characteristics:

  • raster lineature: 60 lines per inch;
  • raster gradation: 2-95%;
  • width of the line: 50;
  • separate spot: 200.

The plates are made with the help of the equipment Polimero A2, which includes the whole cycle of film-production.