Flexible dies

Flexible dies

Chopping and die-cutting plates ESON (the Czech Republic) for rotary and half-rotary machines of high and flexo printing.

Our partner ESON is a flexible die producer located in the Czech Republic. With their modern and fine machinery they can offer high standard of quality and fast delivery. In addition to the standard dies this company can produce all kinds of non standard shapes of cutting edges, combinations of cutting edges, micro-perforations for the special use. Every product is inspected after the standardized manufacturing process before delivered to the customer. The flexible dies are designed to apply the cut in rotary printing machines using magnetic cylinders or magnetic flat plates. These flexible dies enable cutting of any atypical shape, different combinations with perforations (micro perforations) and several edge heights.

Die-cutting plates are used for cutting and chopping of labels, for the production of perforation and folding lines. Plates can process all kinds of paper, films, paper and film laminated plastic, twofold films.

According to the type of material and size of circulation the production of two kinds of plates is possible:

  •    Standard dies
  •    LASER maximal lifetime
  •    NTP dies ideal for the abrasive thermal (thermal transfer) papers and cardboard